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Home Care is non-medical assistance with activities of daily living such as hygiene, nutrition, maintaining a clean and safe living space, transportation, companionship, etc. Home care makes it possible for people to continue living in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.
People of all different ages need home care. Home care is generally thought of as a service for seniors but it is much more. Developmentally disabled might need this service or someone recovering from an illness or injury might need assistance for a period of time.
Yes, we are licensed, insured and bonded. All of our caregivers are licensed employees who are fully insured, as well.
Absolutely. We will match you with the best and most compatible caregivers and the final decision is always yours. You can change caregivers anytime you would like, too.
Most often the answer is yes. From time to time your primary caregiver will need time off of work and in those cases we will always notify you in advance. We believe in the importance of relationships and only rarely will there be a different caregiver.
Never! We understand caregiving needs can change at any moment. Surety Home Care is here to make your lives easier. Surety Home Cares uses a Client Services Agreement to clearly define the level of care and schedule. You can always cancel or change the schedule.
Yes. We train and insure our caregivers for driving. We can either use your car or one of ours. Any car, ours or yours, that will be used is first put through a thorough safety inspection before use.
Yes! WE NEVER USE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS OR STAFFING SERVICES. 100% of our caregivers are employees and receive the full training and support of Surety Home Care.
Yes. In fact, this is very common. Our caregivers can supplement the services provided by the assisted living facility.
Possibly. We can work with you and your insurance carrier to see if you're covered.
Generally, this is private pay. Most people do not have coverage for this or their coverage is very limited.
Normally it takes a few days. We work through the entire process with you to customize a care plan and select your best caregiver. In urgent cases, we can often start the same day, as well.
Yes. We offer discounts for 24 hour care and daily care.
Generally between $20 and $25 per hour. At Surety Home Care we have a simple Flat Rate Pricing policy. There are never any surprises, hidden charges or complicated invoices to decipher. One flat rate includes all of our services. The only addition might be a mileage charge if the caregiver's car is used for transportation. If we use your car there is no extra charge.